Saturday, July 31, 2010

Is God Responsible for Everything In Our Life….????

I don’t know the answer but yes whenever things go wrong we blame it to god… was his wish that this has happened. I dunno but I guess every1 will agree tht we have heard this statement in case of birth death marriage business etc…..only failure in exams is the responsibility of the kid who has not done his hardwork…..I was reading OSHO and he says just imagine if u have all the powers and everything u wish for can be done…..u first create the planets…..thn bring life to it….thn take care of everythin happenin over thr……means creating work for himself which brings no result for him….and according to us he(god) is the most intelligent person….tell me any sane person will do tht in his life……

What are his rewards for doing everythin in our life…wht fun does he gets out of this……I was just having a conversation with a person and he was of the opinion that even our efforts are influenced by him and I was like getting to my nerves…..well I just assume to believe this simple rule that god has created everything on the planet and than he has made some rules laws principles which is definitely wrongly interpretated by humans (means us) religion, meaning of life , moksha and all the crap which we all are definitely a part. I just came across a line which said “life in itself is meaningless n it is we who have to put meaning in it” made more sense thn me who has a blog name in search of…..who doesn’t know wht he is looking for…..

God is there and he is watching for us but what if I say that he has made this game for his entertainment and he is not concern about what’s been happening around…..its like his reality show big boss where he is watching comes when he wishes makes an special appearance and goes…..I think its time we should just start taking the responsibility of our actions if not the results coz I believe that “we all are karma yogi’s all I have is control over my action my karma, the results are beyond my control” johny gone down by karan bajaj , so the results are not in our hands but that doesn’t mean that results are in the hands of god…..its somewhere missing where the power of the results lies…..some says its coz of the planets or this reason or that reason……well whatever works for one person is not compulsory to work for everyone and that’s where god has tricked us…..someone will benefit from a stone or some pooja done or some small deeds…...i dun think Americans believe in astrology related to planets yet they are far more advanced in every field but we see amitabh bacchan wearing stones on varius fingers and even he has came back from grave… are the Americans doing the right thing or we ??? but in any case god is not responsible for good or bad in our life and its us who are responsible.


  1. You have started a very complex subject..but I believe in both..we must do our karma without worrying about the results and that God or destiny control everything.

  2. Key is in balance...while it is true that GOD is there and some things happen which are beyond our control but at the same time, u r right in saying that efforts r in our hands - we cannot blame GOD for efforts which we are too lazy to not make!