Friday, August 28, 2009


No definitely am not writing about the movie but than the title track which requires a special attention.
The movie was pathetic according to me and I missed the song as I cannot recollect when it came and went in the movie. Its been sung by vishal bhardwaj himself and the music and the lyrics are simply awesome.

The lyrics are like this

(kya kare jindagi isako hum jo mile
isaki jaan kha gaye raat din ke gile) - (2)
raat din gile meri aaraju kamini, mere khaab bhi kaminey
ik dil se dosti thi ki hujur bhi kaminey
kya kare jindagi isako hum jo mile
isaki jaan kha gaye raat din ke gile

(kabhi jindagi se maanga pinjare mein chaand la do
kabhi laalten deke kahaan aasmaan pe taango) - (2)
jine ke sab karine hai hamesha se kaminey
kaminey, kaminey, kaminey, kaminey
meri daastaan kamini, mere raaste kaminey
ik dil se dosti thi yeh hujur bhi kaminey

jisaka bhi chehara chhila andar se aur nikala
maasum sa kabootar naacha toh more(peacock) niakala
kabhi hum kaminey nikale kabhi dusare kaminey
kaminey, kaminey, kaminey, kaminey
meri dosti kamini, mere yaar bhi kaminey
ik dil se dosti thi ki hujur bhi kaminey

well I don’t know about others but I strongly feel myself connected to this song. Somewhere down the line I feel myself completely submerged in the lyrics where he says

“kabhi jindagi se maanga pinjare mein chaand la do
kabhi laalten deke kahaan aasmaan pe tango”

don’t you think we have asked so many moments to be captured in our life and wish that the life would have never changed and should have been the same way or when we have not worked hard and expect the rewards to be greater (studies were the perfect example for me…..without studying god please pass me )

“Meri dosti kamini , mere yaar bhi kaminey”
no doubt about this line. They(my friends) said the movie is amazing and I should watch it.

jisaka bhi chehara chhila andar se aur nikala
maasum sa kabootar naacha toh mor niakala

So true the above line.How many times we have been mistaken about others having a judgement which was completely baseless, wrong and at the same time we may not have liked some1 at first but than after knowing that person we are like glad we met them.

kya kare jindagi isako hum jo mile
isaki jaan kha gaye raat din ke gile

Well this line was true in my life but in the past.Not anymore but I have seen many living with this sentence in their lives which makes me very sad.aisa nahi hai ki mujhe aaj apni life se koi gila nahi hai but at the same time I make sure I don’t have it often....I strongly feel that life must be feeling pathetic and miserable about itself when we have so many complains towards it.

After a long time I can relate myself to a song which has so much of meaning in it.

Thanks to Vishal Bhardwaj.
The lyricist is none other than GULZAR.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Where is he ??

I don’t know where is he. Have I been missing him and the answer is yes. SO before all u a******s start using the thing which I am sure very few possess (brains I was referring too ..just kidding) I am talking about “ Lucky ali “the singer. I admire his work and his music from the bottom of my heart.

Somewhere down the line I felt connected with his music when I was in my college and just started my work(7-10 years back) I was listening him a lot as the lyrics were simple and awesome. Than as it happens in life we get busy and I didn’t listened him to like for years. Suddenly while making a CD for a friend of mine I ran across my 20gb music collection which has all the songs from mukesh, rafi , kishore kumar to atif k.k westlife ,backstreet boys. I just saw the folder of lucky ali and played his song once again.

To my surprise the songs were still had a very fresh touch and the lyrics still made sense .It didn’t fade out with the time as most of the songs do I guess this can be included in the forever green sort of music. You can actually connect with the lyrics that the songs have been written specifically for you which gives him his uniqueness. There are sad songs about missing some1 and all but than the music isn’t slow and than there are songs which goes with our practical life.

I am sure very few people have heard him more than his “O Sanam” which was the major hit and brought him in the limelight, but than there is other tracks by him which I have hardly heard on the music channels these days or heard them on the radio(the fact is I don’t get time to do both these things nowadays). I would like you guys to listen to his other songs such as

  1. Mausam
  2. Nahi rakhta dil mein kuch
  3. Suntey hi rehte hai
  4. Tere mere saath jo hota hai
  5. Sunoh
  6. Teri yaadein
  7. Dil aise na samajhna
  8. Teri yaad jab aati hai
  9. Kabhi aisa lagta hai
  10. Anjaani rahon mein

Obviously I am not adding the songs like gori teri aankhein and kyu chalti hai hawa(kaho na pyaar hai) coz I am aware that u guys must have heard them. I don’t know which is my all time favourites as it keeps on changing with my mood. I just wish he comes out with a fresh album very soon.

PS : If you would like to have any of the above song please feel free to email me

Friday, April 10, 2009

Marriage is it a choice or a Compulsion ……?

Here we are……guys when they are above 25 and the girls when they are above 23 the question which haunts each n every single Indian person in this age faces is when are you getting married ???. Seems like something no one can escape easily in the land which has all its customs traditions predefined way of a lifestyle. Seriously do we ever know when we are going to get married?

The point over here is why make such an issue about the whole thing in the society where we all seem to be educated and we know its not that important thing in life although it has its importance but not the only thing. The way we treat is like it’s a compulsion in life and the person who doesn’t go through this is either unlucky or abnormal. I would simply want to make a point that what if a person doesn’t want to get married or have different goals or mindset or want to live his life in not a defined manner. There is the catch….its not possible at least in a Hindu religion and in a country like INDIA.

The person who tries to break this chain is often faced with family emotional drama, pressure from the whole society and in the end he breaks to the pressure and gets married thinking at later stages in his life why he did it (I m talking about in general). It’s just that I guess we have not yet understood the need of a marriage other than the fact that a person should be accessible to sex as his physical body demands it.

I don’t deny the fact but at the same time I think marriage is much more than what a person at the age of 25 -28 can think of and the girls between the age of 23-27.There are a few exceptions to the case the people who have not got married at all in their life and are happy but looking at that percentage I think you can easily count them on your fingers right now and am sure some would find it even difficult to think of a single person.

Whom are we fooling over here by getting married, ourselves or the other person or our family or the society? I can’t take the whole crap thing of arrange marriages Where the whole family of both the sides decide whether the girl and the guy are suitable for each other or not and that too in just 1 meeting or at the most two to three.

So is there a solution to the whole thing. Well the answer is there with each individual who sees and behave the way they want and not the way our society expects from us. If one can achieve such new defined manner in their life I am sure there will be less divorces and more happily married people in our country. I am certainly not against marriages but I want both the individuals to decide about it and not the age, family, the stages of life decide. Well I just want the person to have a choice about the whole thing whether he wants to get married or not.


"Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own".

(The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho) .

Friday, February 20, 2009

Troubled times…..

Well I was just sitting and having dinner at a friends place and suddenly we started recollecting our school days and the problems we faced like failing in an particular subject (for me it was always marathi) or getting into some kind of trouble with the teacher or getting caught by the parents (u know how we all r during teens..i guess no need to mention the reasons)…..and with the discussion continuing we had a great laugh about and almost for each bad experience that happened in our life.

So I was just thinking but at that moment was I enjoying what was happening around me and the answer is no. After getting out of college we face trouble giving an interview finishing our work on time or having a crush on a girl/guy who is definitely not interested in u but today we thank god that u r no longer hooked with that person or he/she got married to some1 else or how u came out of the trouble or u got urself screwed up n made a mess, still u will see that while discussing it with friends u are laughing on it. So most of the troubles we face in life ends up as a good memory (not every trouble though) which we love discussing n sharing with our friends.

So now the question is why i m writing this, well even I m trying to figure that out. Can we just not enjoy the trouble with a smiling face that once it is over its not that bad as it seems today coz one thing which is gona be a part of our lives is trouble which exist in some or the other way and I m sure that even today we don’t enjoy being a part of it. So from now on if you are getting late for a date(which m sure guys will never be),office or u have not finish the work or u have messed with some1 or u r broke(as recession is going on n m kind of… PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SMILE and enjoy yourself being in a trouble.

“Life is like a cigarette. It has been lighted so enjoy it coz it has to end whether u want it or not.”

Saturday, February 7, 2009

LOVE - an unsolved mystery

Sometimes we think we have figured out everything we need to know about love and the very next moment we are lost, well that’s love. Pyramids of Egypt, Bermuda Triangle ,UFO’S are some of the unsolved mysteries of the universe which might get solved one day but am afraid about love but till then love falls in the same category because no wonder how many have figured it out it always redefines itself which is something unique about it.

KABIR says “Love’s not grown in gardens,/ Love’s not sold at market./ He who wants it, king or commoner,/ gives his head and takes it”.
There is only one way to obtain love: the man who wants love gives his head. He will have to sacrifice his ego, his pretence, his false show. This is what Kabir means by ‘head’.

According to Kabir, a man of letters is a scholar who has only read about love. The Hindi word for love is ‘prem’, and is made up of two and a half letters. Kabir says to read these two and a half letters in a book is meaningless. Only when a person falls in love with someone do the two and half letters of ‘Prem’ become complete. One letter is for the lover, the second is for the beloved and the half is for something unknown that exists between the two.

No matter how hard you try, love never becomes complete. You are never content... It is also an indication that it is everlasting. Remember, whatsoever attains to completion, dies. To remain incomplete is love’s nature. So a lover is never satisfied and therefore his joy is endless.

So from now on lets stop defining love and compromise life in the name of love.Lets just live a life full of love and not based on practical theories do's n don'ts.If u love a person and he\she loves u too there is nothing u can ask for more.