Sunday, May 23, 2010

Choice use the power within u

hii guys........... well its been over a year but was kind of busy settling down few things in my life coz of which i didnt had nethin to share or offer......neways but thn i realised tht this is life n this will go on forever whether m sacred or carefree or m enjoyin or sad abt it is completely my choice......

this reminds me of an email which said tht choice is a very big power we have in decides how we react, act, think, plan, etc......we always know tht happiness is a state of mind and to have tht state of mind is our choice yet most of the times we r unsuccessful.

The reason i guess is very simple as we always look the glass half empty or we see the grass is green on the othr side or whtsoever.......CHOICE is tht tool in our life which decides wht our future gona be......n we shd not forget tht at every moment we make a choice in our life whether its a small or big doesnt i hope i do use this power more effectively n do expect the same frm u guys......take care......n yaa will try to be a little more regular.......well the choice is still mine i guess.......hehehehe......


  1. True...the choice lies with be happy/ sad/ angry / react or not to react...the test of a real person is when he can exercise his choice of restraining himself before reacting adversely....

  2. Thats right..choice is in our hands and i prefer to see the glass half full:)