Friday, April 10, 2009

Marriage is it a choice or a Compulsion ……?

Here we are……guys when they are above 25 and the girls when they are above 23 the question which haunts each n every single Indian person in this age faces is when are you getting married ???. Seems like something no one can escape easily in the land which has all its customs traditions predefined way of a lifestyle. Seriously do we ever know when we are going to get married?

The point over here is why make such an issue about the whole thing in the society where we all seem to be educated and we know its not that important thing in life although it has its importance but not the only thing. The way we treat is like it’s a compulsion in life and the person who doesn’t go through this is either unlucky or abnormal. I would simply want to make a point that what if a person doesn’t want to get married or have different goals or mindset or want to live his life in not a defined manner. There is the catch….its not possible at least in a Hindu religion and in a country like INDIA.

The person who tries to break this chain is often faced with family emotional drama, pressure from the whole society and in the end he breaks to the pressure and gets married thinking at later stages in his life why he did it (I m talking about in general). It’s just that I guess we have not yet understood the need of a marriage other than the fact that a person should be accessible to sex as his physical body demands it.

I don’t deny the fact but at the same time I think marriage is much more than what a person at the age of 25 -28 can think of and the girls between the age of 23-27.There are a few exceptions to the case the people who have not got married at all in their life and are happy but looking at that percentage I think you can easily count them on your fingers right now and am sure some would find it even difficult to think of a single person.

Whom are we fooling over here by getting married, ourselves or the other person or our family or the society? I can’t take the whole crap thing of arrange marriages Where the whole family of both the sides decide whether the girl and the guy are suitable for each other or not and that too in just 1 meeting or at the most two to three.

So is there a solution to the whole thing. Well the answer is there with each individual who sees and behave the way they want and not the way our society expects from us. If one can achieve such new defined manner in their life I am sure there will be less divorces and more happily married people in our country. I am certainly not against marriages but I want both the individuals to decide about it and not the age, family, the stages of life decide. Well I just want the person to have a choice about the whole thing whether he wants to get married or not.


"Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own".

(The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho) .