Saturday, June 18, 2011

My first trekking trip......

Wowwwwww……..was the last thing tht came to me. We went for a trek route at chanderi which is near to badlapur station. Not knowing anything about trekking we (me n manish) accompanied uday n vivek who trek on a regularly basis. We started our day by waking up at 3.30 n reaching dadar station by 4.40, from there we took a train to badlapur where we arrived at 6.30.Having an early morning tea n a very light snacks we reached chanderi (a very small village). We hired a guide(Rohit a 15 yr old guy) we started our journey having no clue what its gona be like as for me trekking was like just walking in the nature.

The first half an hour was like very easy and I was thinking we will come on a regularly basis. Than we found a waterfall which was not flowing that fast, one can easily walk through it. But the stones were very slippery and wearing a wrong footwear for the occasion added to the experience. The waterfall was long and all the way I was thinking that I m climbing this up but how m I going to climb it downwards while on my return journey, than uday came to my rescue saying just enjoy climbing up we will figure out how we will come down. Every step taken was careful, all the focus n attention shifted to the next step. Though the waterfall was very narrow n empty at places we found a place to take a shower, the water was ice cold. Now as waterfall ended I thought we might be near to the destination and the guide said still we are not half way yet.

The trek was so dense u cannot make out at ne given point of time where exactly are you.

Now after waterfall came a very narrow path climbing straight upwards with crabs n snake holes everywhere which were easily seen. Even that was a very long path with actually no place where one can sit n relax for a while and just with one line of encouragement that upper chalo waha lagega ki u r in heaven we were heading with all the fears in our heart. Than we came in open and we could exactly see the place where we were going and still looked so far having thought so many times of rehne de yaar…upper jaake kya dekhna hai…..though somehow didn’t uttered a word n kept on.

Manish was in bigger trouble as the soul of his shoes came out but still was managing bravely. Now the wind was blowing at a speed which I have never experienced in my life. And the path was so narrow with one side rocky stones and complete open space the other side not knowing whats gona happen if we put just 1 wrong foot. Somehow with all the bravery(whom m I kidding) with having no other option I moved upwards surrendering myself to god.

We reached at 12.00pm at the top and thn wht we saw was just mesmerizing. It was one of the mountains which u see many times while going to hill stations on the way tht who might climb these or why some1 will ever go on top of this mountain. But the wind the scenery the villages which were barely in sight surrounded by other mountains was simply awesome. Forgetting all the pains n fear of how we will climb down we rested there for an hour had our snacks and listened to few songs on our phones every1 lost in their own thoughts we spent an hour.

Than around 1pm we started our journey back which was more difficult n my footwear not having a proper grip (though I just bought a new pair the previous day specially for trekking the a*****e sold me the wrong one) I was left with no choice but to sit n use both my hands too which took me more time than others but they waited patiently not asking me to hurry at any given point of time. Uday n the guide were having the same pace as though they were walking in a garden though me Vivek n Manish each had a slip with very small injuries(bruises n scratches) which made us all the more cautious. We ran out of water so we refilled at waterfall having one more shower and somehow waterfall looked a bit simpler thn it was at the other stage. Thanks to rain god indra devta jo poore raaste bares nahi else I dunno what wud have been our conditions. The rains came at the end of the journey I guess the god saying I was holding myself just for u guys. We reached the village completely tired my both hands swollen arms n legs having no more energy to walk. At village we didn’t find any means of transport forcing me and Manish started walking while Uday n Vivek were buying some soft drinks for themselves. After Walking for about half an hour we saw them coming in a village auto in which we hopped in and headed towards the badlapur station.

Every1 was so tired n soaked to the skin that neither of us was uttering a word still having tht feeling of the small achievement in our hearts we headed to our homes. I would like to thank Mr Uday n Mr Vivek who were calm and composed all the time lifting my spirits and not to forget Manish who invited me for the trip.