Friday, April 19, 2013

Trekking & Life

 I went to a trekking trip after a year or so though I always loved the first one and wanted to go again somehow was not able to make it. This time we decided to conquer the Mauli Fort which is near Asangaon. I came across many similarities as to how a day of trekking can be summed up into the whole life of us.
Just a few observations as to how life and trekking are similar…….

1.  You have to watch every step very carefully once you are out there, you can never say its easy or here is the end, because you may never know where you might find a surprise or get into trouble and so is life where every decision is to be carefully taken , (for e.g . friends ,relations, marriage, career) you may never know which one is wrong and lands you in trouble.

2.  In trekking the goal is to reach the top of the mountain and in life the goal is to succeed but at the same time the journey of trekking is what one should be enjoying than the success because you can be at the top only for few minutes and most of the times goes in reaching the destination, and so is life where while living we always are worried about tomorrow than actually enjoying what we do today. The real fun is to enjoy the journey than the destination.

3In yesterdays trekking we were just like minutes away from the top that we got the news of leopard over there and all the hard work (each carrying 7 - 8kgs of luggage which included 4 ltrs of water, food, clothes ,additional footwear ) put in seems like a waste as it was not sensible if we would have face them. So we decided to turn back and return but than not spending that hour at the top did not took away the joy and pleasure of the whole journey and so is life…..small failures and hurdles should not drift away from our goals and ambitions and keep us stuck at a place. We should accept them and move on.

4.  There is no way you can figure the way to the top while standing down, It’s when you start taking one single step the trek unfolds giving you way and making you a part of it. One turn and you find a new road or a view which is just spell binding and mesmerizing in its own way. You can just admire and move on to next level, walking ahead in the unknown not knowing what’s in store for you next. Life goes on the same way, where you might often see people trying to figure out the way instead of walking the unknown territory, If and only if people start walking without wasting too much of the time trying to figure out everything before starting, I am pretty sure even in case of walking the wrong road somehow you will end up just fine.

5.  While trekking you need a great amount of faith and somehow in middle of nowhere the help appears at the right moment, you might see an arrow or some random villager who will guide you the way. As far as yesterdays trek was concerned we were completely on the wrong path from the start and was far too dangerous than we anticipated but after an hour met a villager who guided us on the right trek. Same way you meet many people in lives, Some wrong some right, some stay some go away but in whole process we should never lose the hope ( if u ever lose hope make sure to watch “ The Shawshank Redemption “) and make sure that we never stop because like you have started the trekking it will only end when you are back down and similarly as u have started life it will only end with your death.
                          So enjoy each moment  till you are trekking or you are alive, make it count and as Hunter S. Thompson have said  “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention to arrive safely in a pretty and well preserved body; but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming 'Wow! What a ride! “