Friday, July 3, 2009

Where is he ??

I don’t know where is he. Have I been missing him and the answer is yes. SO before all u a******s start using the thing which I am sure very few possess (brains I was referring too ..just kidding) I am talking about “ Lucky ali “the singer. I admire his work and his music from the bottom of my heart.

Somewhere down the line I felt connected with his music when I was in my college and just started my work(7-10 years back) I was listening him a lot as the lyrics were simple and awesome. Than as it happens in life we get busy and I didn’t listened him to like for years. Suddenly while making a CD for a friend of mine I ran across my 20gb music collection which has all the songs from mukesh, rafi , kishore kumar to atif k.k westlife ,backstreet boys. I just saw the folder of lucky ali and played his song once again.

To my surprise the songs were still had a very fresh touch and the lyrics still made sense .It didn’t fade out with the time as most of the songs do I guess this can be included in the forever green sort of music. You can actually connect with the lyrics that the songs have been written specifically for you which gives him his uniqueness. There are sad songs about missing some1 and all but than the music isn’t slow and than there are songs which goes with our practical life.

I am sure very few people have heard him more than his “O Sanam” which was the major hit and brought him in the limelight, but than there is other tracks by him which I have hardly heard on the music channels these days or heard them on the radio(the fact is I don’t get time to do both these things nowadays). I would like you guys to listen to his other songs such as

  1. Mausam
  2. Nahi rakhta dil mein kuch
  3. Suntey hi rehte hai
  4. Tere mere saath jo hota hai
  5. Sunoh
  6. Teri yaadein
  7. Dil aise na samajhna
  8. Teri yaad jab aati hai
  9. Kabhi aisa lagta hai
  10. Anjaani rahon mein

Obviously I am not adding the songs like gori teri aankhein and kyu chalti hai hawa(kaho na pyaar hai) coz I am aware that u guys must have heard them. I don’t know which is my all time favourites as it keeps on changing with my mood. I just wish he comes out with a fresh album very soon.

PS : If you would like to have any of the above song please feel free to email me