Sunday, November 30, 2014

If JACK would have not met ROSE………….

I wonder what would be fate of Jack had he not came across Rose on Titanic as Jack was a person who knows his way out of every situation. I wonder how many people would have doubt that he would have not found his way out of a sinking TITANIC too. Let’s assume for a moment that he did not met Rose on the ship he would have gone on living a life which was full of adventures, unplanned , taking everything in his stride come what may making the most of it.

So its basically love which came into his way of making a life for himself, and it was Rose who was unhappy even though born with a silver spoon but living upto the society expectations and all she wanted was some freedom for herself which was offered to her by Jack. The point I want to make over here is why not every soul can be free like Jack in this world (and I do not discriminate with gender here…..Rose can be a male or female in todays world ) living every moment of their life, doing things the way he/she wants to do making sure that the conscience of a person is not to hurt any other individual in the process but looking for one’s happiness.

So assuming that all people be Jack in today’s world and doing the things they want to be rather than meeting the expectations of other people in their life and in due process there would be less people like Rose in the world which would save many more Jack’s from dying (dying is referred to any form of suffering that a person is going through in their life) because if Rose would have shown the same courage previously, being an optimist I am about true love and soul mates the faith and destiny would have played their part in bringing them together and who knows TITANIC would have a version of JACK and ROSE being saved and living happily .

“ Dying, Morrie said is only one thing to be sad over. Living unhappily is something else.So many of these people who come to visit me are unhappy. WHY ? Well for one thing, the culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves . We’ re teaching the wrong things and you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn’t work don’t buy it. “ (it’s a para from the book Tuesday’s with Morrie where mitch albom the author is asking some questions to the priest morrie…..)


  1. Great thought and analysis amit, at one time I too have thought the same after watching the whole movie, and use to analyse in same way that y good or badhappened with every story.


  2. Bro, It was an awesome read..nice the start I thought you ll target love but it was beyond that..I liked it.. I would just say Keep writing more !

    I believe Jack was living his life, the way he did, because he was a free bird, the moment he met Rose, you know what happened...When you have some one else with you, your happiness lies in their happiness or it is supposed to be in their happiness (be it parents, siblings, bff, gf, bf, spouse etc) and there is where you die (read suffer, unhappy)

    In you words, Jack was happy till GOD was kind on him :)