Friday, July 1, 2011

Just A Dsiturbing Thought

I have been following the Anna Hazaare campaign very closely by keeping myself updated through internet or their interviews on news channels or by sharing it with people who are following it too. Now suddenly I think what would have all the freedom fighters who have fought for us and gave their life’s for us would have done today.

Will they would have picked up a gun like shown in the movie “Rang De Basanti“ but somehow I feel that in the movie they all fought for a friend and not the country. You can say it was a personal revenge though trying to bring a bigger picture and they all didn’t fought or do something about it till their close friend died. So I was just wondering what would have provoked the great leaders like BHAGAT SINGH, NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE, CHANDRASHEKHAR AZAAD ETC the list is endless and am sure there are many who have gone unrecognized too working in the back and only a few handful have been able to get their names recorded in history.

Well the answer that comes to my mind is the upbringing and social, cultural values that was inherited by them and which I feel is at lost in our generation. We care more about the brands, holidays abroad or securing our future and even I am in the same group.

Somehow the whole backbone of this fighting back attitude is been broken due to getting people more engrossed and busy with materialistic things in life. I genuinely feel it’s a very cautious approach to make sure that the youth gets so busy competing with his life that he doesn’t get anytime to think about his country and the one in a million who tries to raise his voice is often laughed out “ ye paka raha hai “ ya “ aur koi kaam nahi hai kya “ nothing will ever change and trust me from more than last 60 years nothing has changed and we all know the situation has been worsen.

So now the thought that was disturbing me was what would the great men’s of history would have done today that would have helped us because there is no enemy whom u can target as there was british people in their times. The enemy is we ourselves and no one else coz why do we blame others and as rightly said by Anna Hazaare and his team that why do we need another government or another set of people, these are our people only and we just need to make sure that they work properly because even if there is an another party forming government, they wont be passing the bill as u can see no party has strongly came forward in support of the bill in spite of the fact knowing that its right and would help reducing the corruption on a bigger note.

So by pointing a gun to all the ministers or hoping that they all should die somehow or we get a clean set of people wont happen but passing this lokpal bill supporting it in all the means and way, cause the team might be wrong on few points but atleast we know there is not a single agenda which is going to benefit Anna Hazaare,Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan , Kiran Bedi and their team and the government trying to fight and to save themselves the way they have been doing it because the fact till date we have not seen any Politician been sent to jail or been convicted.

So I guess its time for us to join a small hand to the great leaders of history for the benefit of the society, to do a selfless act which in turn is very selfish to make sure the future of our country is secured and let us achieve the dream of all the freedom fighters who had a vision of a INDIA who had sacrificed their lives for our future. JAI HIND……..


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